La belgique dans le "SYDNEY MORNING"

Belgian schism is no laughing matter

With its two halves unable to agree on the formation of a new government, Belgium stands on the verge of disintegration. So should Belgium continue to exist? The answer is yes. Here's why.

The first reason is linguistic. If Belgium does break up, two new nationalities will be born: Flemish and Walloon. Belgian chocolates will become "Flemish chocolates", and Belgian beer cafes will give way to "Walloon beer cafes". Belgium owes it to the world to prevent us from having to use either of these unspeakably silly adjectives on anything like a semi-regular basis.

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Génial ! J'adore le " unspeakably silly adjectives " !
Je vois que le monde entier se mobilise.
J'ai mis des petits drapeaux sur mon blog.
Bisous belges (les meilleurs)

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